Friday, July 31, 2009


Desire.... This is my first blog ever... The name 'desire' was selected thinking that it is the best suitable word to describe the life of a person. I feel the life of each person circles around his/her desires... Its just that the desires are different for different people with different priorities.

Don't you feel that the desires make one person good or bad in different I am writing all these dont think that I am a person having this wonderful ability to control desires. In my 22 years life,I can say that I have found very few people who has this ability. They are all found to be happy and hence comes my theory.
"The ability to supress as well as pursue one's desire in the appropriate timings is the key to success,peace and happiness in life". What do you think about my theory on desire? Do you agree/ donot agree? Please let me know through your valuable comments...

This blog is created because of My desire to say things which I otherwise won't...things which would've remained unsaid without this blog. I hope you all will enjoy reading 'ME' as I enjoy saying what is about, around and within 'ME' to you all.


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