Sunday, May 15, 2011

High Five for Innocence and Childhood :) DONT MISS THIS ONE!!

I saw this tremendously cute video in youtube.. Though I knew, lot of us would have already seen this, I still wanted to blog it for anyone who haven't seen it yet. If you are seeing it for the first time, tell me - so that I can feel great about showing you something reaallllyy heartwarming and cute. :)



Nas said...

That is actually amazing!
This was the first time I was watching this, so thank you for sharing.

It reminds me of another greeeeeat video of two cute little kids arguing, you can see that here


carma said...

that is the sweetest thing. Elliott has quite the personality!!

I saw it posted on one of the news sites but didn't bother to click on it - but once you mentioned it - Glad I watched it. I like how the mom freaks out :D

PTK said...

typical boy...'she kissed me...wohooo....high 5s'...

Check this out too..

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