Thursday, August 13, 2009

Between the wish & the thing, life lies waiting....

We all wait a lot in our lives..from waiting for a bus/train,waiting for things to happen to waiting for the love of ur life. All waiting periods,irrespective of what it is have one thing in common-IMPATIENCE. Only when we are not patient enough for something to happen or someone to come, we start feeling that V r actually waiting. Uptil that time,we don't really care or give much importance to the fact that V r waiting or sometimes we completely 4get that v are waiting..
Most of the time waiting for something important is exciting and at the same time make u stressed out.I am trying to find some ways out of this impatient waiting.

The tension gets the better of u especially when u r waiting for something that will decide the rest of the future ahead of you.{or if u feel like it is going to decide}
So the first way out of waiting-stress is
1)Think about what will you do, if this particular event u r waiting for doesnot happen. Think about all possibilities and oppurtunities that u can make or can get. This will make u confident to face the situation of ur worst fear happening!!
I have tried this one...{I have to confess}It doesn't work much for me,mainly because I am so much in love with the situation I am going to have if everything goes according to the plan.
Next way, kind of work out for ALMOST everyone.
2)Think of negative sides of the thing u r waiting for. You probably{mosssttttt probably} will be thinking of only good sides of what u r waiting for...!!
Next one works for EVERYONE irrespective of what they are waiting for, its importance or what their character might be......
3) Distract yourself.{This can be thro' any activity which u can only do with ur brain involved in it along with u!!...For example,if u r going for a walk...u can walk without thinking about how u r walking..So this won't help.On other side consider blogging, u have to think about what u r going to write, how and when.}
Now u understood y I am writing all these right? u might be thinking how is it possible 4 me to distract when I am writing 'about it'. Let me tell u,I really feel relieved... I feel like I am sharing the tension and at the same time also feeling that this might comein handy for someone in my situation.This way I am feeling like I am helping someone in my situation but actually I am helping myself as well.

This post is actually an outcome of all the waiting I am doing for my 'visa'!!{U might have thought atleast once that the poor girl is waiting for her true love who happens to not love her back...but really ppl I am almost as impatient as that}.My visa is going to decide, everything about my life 'as for now'. Maybe sometime later I won't feel about this as important as I feel about it now.I am sitting biting my nails...prayiiingg for it to come ASAP.Meanwhile u all keep reading and showing ur love(by commenting ofcourse and if u feel I am worth it by clicking the follow button!!).



DT said...

nice tips... i do follow the 3rd one a lot, but the mind gets back every now and then..

AK said...

Thanx DT for the comment & love..little busy..!!will catch up with u later.

AK said...

Hey DT, couldn't reply properly yesterday...The mind is getting back because the distraction u r trying is not enough of a distraction. The mind do get back at some point ofcourse. But u can just reduce the feeling a lot by distracting. But for this u will have to do something which is veryyy interesting to u and which uses ur full attention.U try this and i am sure it would help.

greedygrace said...

I came by to welcome you to SITS! We're happy to have you with us! I hate waiting, so the tips do help!

AK said...

Hey lisa..thanx for the love. I am also happy to find this cool group of saucy chicks.Just visited ur blog,looks pretty interesting and AC looks cuuute.keep reading..Takecare.

AK said...

I had to say this..Lisa's blog is one of the most sincere and truthful blog i have ever seen.Just Lisa,No filler.The name describes it.Keep it up.

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