Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sare Jahan se acha Hindustan Hamara

A small bautiful Girl have her face painted in Indian flag colours

15 th August 2009.
63 years ago on the same day at midnight a country of 2nd largest population in the world got their long awaited freedom. The great Jawaharlal Nehru,The first prime minister of India said that "While the whole world sleeps India awakes to freedom".

Mr.Jawaharlal Nehru, The First Prime Minister of India

My post title, 'Sare Jahan se acha Hindustan Hamara' means that 'In all the places, the best one is our Hindustan'. Ofcourse, for any person, the country of his/ her birth will be the best place I suppose. I just thought I will share some photos I got of this Independence day with my friends around the world...Love u guys.Keep reading.

The Indian flag hoisted at Red Fort or 'LAL KILA'


The Air Force Flag
Prime Minister Mr.Man Mohan Singh checking out the Guard of Honour

The prime minister giving speech behind a bullet proof shield

The Gathering at the Independence Day Function

Congress President Sonia Gandhi salutes after hoisting the flag at AICC headquarters on the occasion of Independence Day in New Delhi.
{I just love this women... What she has done for this country is more than just commentable. Born in a different country but still she makes each Indian proud.}



Sandy said...

Stopping by from SITS. Nice is all very patriotic.

AK said...

Thanx for the love sandy. I am patriotic. But not an extreme..Thanx again.U have great blog too.

Check this out too..

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