Saturday, August 8, 2009

The great escape...!!

Today something terrifying happened which made me feel 'what the heck just happened?' ....When I am at office, I take lunch from a small restaurant which is a couple of metres away from the office. On the opposite side of the road there is a well known church. It is known to be a place of miracles and is never empty. I was walking back to my office after taking lunch from the usual place, happily, after saying a goodbye to the hotel uncle(No idea what his name is..) with a small smile. I just casually looked to the side of the church.. I felt I am not giving much time to god and this is not good. So I stood there and decided to go and pray for some time. I was crossing the road. I looked to the right side. There were no vehicles. I crossed and stood in the middle of the road to cross the other side. As I turned to the left to look whether there is any vehicle, I saw a Bus and two motorcycles coming together. I stepped a little to the back so that all the three can go without..Hitting me!! Suddenly I don't know from where another bus(Let us say bus no:2) is coming.........................I went blank..If i step forward then one of the motorbikes or bus will hit me. If I step back or stand there itself this bus no.2 will hit me. First I thought bus no:2 will adjust away from me and go but with dismay I realised that the driver of bus no:2 is blind(or I am nano small!!) .He was driving as if I don't exist, straight into me!!

I closed my eyes and stepped forward, hoping that 2 motorbikes will be definitely better than a Bus speeding above 100kms/hr. Luckily, with god's grace..motorbikes managed to avoid me and here i am.... writing this. Otherwise...I would have been in a mortuary or ICU of some hospital.

All this happened within a span of 30 seconds or something less than 1 minute. In that minute I saw my body smashed by the bus, nothing leftover, even to do the final sacrament. I felt as if god really wanted me dead and then at the last moment he decided otherwise...!! Really how stupid is this life? We plan for atleast 5 years in future. But who the hell knows whether we are in this world for the next moment? So this weekend,I have come to a decision to live my life- my way and to the fullest(Ofcourse, without hurting others). 'Coz we never know when is the time fixed for the death chariot to take us away from this beautiful world....Till that day, that moment, keep loving and be lovable...!!
"And in the end,Its not the years in ur life that counts but the life in those years!" - Unknown



Ms Cupcake said...

Dropping by from sits.

Happy Saturday everyone!

Make it a happy day!

Ms Cupcake
Zen Cupcake

AK said...

Hi Ms.Cupcake.Thanks for the SITS love. Happy Saturday to you too.

Check this out too..

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