Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Most Memorable Day of my Life

When the 21st candle standing for 21 years of my life burned away, I was the most happiest person in this whole world. The reason was my chechi and my gang(we are 6 ppl me including, who call ourselves a greatest friends). They planned a surprise birthday party. This was the most happiest and the most memorable day of my life.

That day morning, chechi and amma(my mother,alphy manjooran) asked to me to dress up. Just for the sake of cutting cake. Usually,we celebrate it ourselves.Sometimes we don't even cut cake. Achan(My father,James Kulathunkal) is against celebrating birthdays. He says, birthdays are sad reminders of death coming closer!! That's another way of looking at it..Though a bit weird way..hi hi.He was always different from us.. So lets leave it. Coming back to the day, the first surprise was when an anonymous guy turned up at the door with a bunch of flowers. I thought that was it. The big surprise!! I was happy and I took it and I read the card, which said:" ente daivam thanna poovinu"(Meaning:" To the flower that god gave me"). I was so touched. It was ofcourse arranged by my chechi. I looked at her and smiled,We hugged. She said 'Happy Birthday'. Then came the biggest surprise of all when I found out my friends in the kitchen!! I remember myself screaming and laughing together with everyone of them.Then I blew the candles and went on to cut the cake. At that moment I was wondering whether anyone in this whole world can love me like my sister do, whether anyone in this whole world can have such great friends??? I still wonder and I love them more. Each time I think about this day, it brings a smile to my face. Don't you think I am lucky to have such a great amma,chechi,achan and friends? I really think so.
Hopefully, I made you remember about your happiest day...Why don't you post it and give me the link as a comment to this post?...Takecare.

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