Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Journey with Moha(my niece) & my lovely sister - 1

After seeing all these cute and great mommy blogs, I feel I have something similar, from a different point of view to tell about my one and only niece. I just wanted to share the feeling of being an aunt for the first time. Especially when u have just one sister as sibling and the child is the first one in your family, it is almost as special as being a mommy urself!! Can you believe it? U will start believing it as soon as u finish reading this series of my posts...Now read the first one in the series.
{Hey, my readers who is waiting for my 'last 24 days in India' posts need not be disappointed 'coz I will keep updating it at night when each day is over!}

My sister, my 'chechi' came back here from scotland with some bleeding problems. She was scared to have her first delivery there and it was also freezing cold out there. So she came here to kerala( 'the god's own country') as well as to mom, dad and me. We were ready to give her all support and was waiting for her arrival. Just to see her 'pregnant' was an experience for us!

I would like to start with this event:

She had a birthday with moha inside her..!! Unnichettan(my bro-in-law) was not here. SO here is she cutting cake while talking thro' phone..hi hi. I consider this as her first birthday with moha.

{cute bump right??Hope that she won't kill me for putting up this photo in here!!}
Don't think she was as happy as this always. She was having all sorts of problem along with skin allergy as part of hormone difference happening in her body. She had backpain, leg pain, muscle cramps{mostly at odd hours in night, as if cramps want both of us to be awake all night!!} and all sorts of pain that you can imagine in a human body plus allergy!!. As she gains weight easily{not at alllllll like me..I am a stick and she is just the opposite of that}, we tried getting her all sorts of vitamins from vegetables itself. We gave her meat and fish only the necessary quantity. There was no use of all this actually. She gained weight..tremendously.... after delivery....Now she is veryyy fat. As soon I reach there, we are going to start all exercise regimes possible to reduce that weight!

The worst part of pregnancy is the tension of having a life inside you and u being fully responsible for its health and its safe landing on to this wonderful world. She was veryy very worried about that. {I was tooo. but never shows it in front of her, even if everything is burning with fear inside me, i would just say 'Oh that's not a problem, silly..I read it in a magazine/doc told/mom told that this happens usually'(which magazine,which doc??god knows)}

She was supposed to count the number of movements Moha makes inside her tummy in an hour. If it is falling short,we should immediately go to the hospital!.We used to go there almost every week, atleast once/twice saying that the movement has fallen short. This was actually because she had excess amniotic fluid and that makes the baby's movements less obvious to her!

After all this, suddenly one day we discovered that the baby is having the chord around her neck and a surgery is needed. This made us more tensed{I had a little relief because now we will be knowing 'when' this is going to happen, rather than running to the hospital at that moment}.

The D-day arrived and we waited outside the labour room in prayers,our fingers crossed, to see our little angel. This is what we got after 2 hours....

{Ok that was exactly not the moha we saw first...This is after the nurses giving her a bath.}

The moha we saw first was:

{that's my moha straight from her mom's womb}

{That's her cute legs after bath but still has a lot of water inside her body!}

{She had lot of hair,not only on head but on body as well, when she was born..Just look at that!}

{That's her chweettt hands...}

We were all sooooooooo happy about having moha. She was completely healthy, a girl and moreover a cancerian like me, looking like me!! What I could've asked more to god? I looveee God just because he showers so much blessing like this on our family and me.
Needless to say, I was one of the mooooossssssstt delighted people on her arrival and here's how I looked{without bath and sleep for days!!}

{That's me smiling down at my beauty!, The women near me is Sharadha chechi who used to help us to look after the new born...}

{That's me talking to her...(god knows wat??)}

{Am I looking like I have a squint????? OMG!!}
That's it for now guys.Rest of the story later.
(to be continued...)



Italo said...

OHHHHH! Children seem so fragile!! :)
You two are beautiful!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Awww, there is nothing like the birth of a baby! Thank you for letting me peek into this lovely family moment :) Now, go spoil that baby! (Hi from sits)

Emma said...

She's very blessed to have a Aunt like you! Gorgeous photo's! It's nice to see a different view! :)x

AK said...

Thanx Italo and Emma.
Jennifer, You have got a nice blog. Thank you for coming here. Keep coming.

AK said...

Emma ur post on the necessity of checking homeworks of children is just marvellous.
Italo,I know u had a good day from the post.Keep writing and enjoying

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