Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I am going to miss everyone here...except my MOM!!!

[To my new lovely readers,
I have got this wonderful oppurtunity to study abroad in University of St.Andrews.I am penning down each and every day before I leave India to UK. The posts u have missed from this series can be founf out under the label Capturing Last moments in India and don't forget to leave a comment or hit the follow button if u like it! Thanx for the love in advance. Now read on...]

I can see u guys wondering 'how the hell is this possible?'. Most of the people would miss their mother first more than anyone else. But I am not going to miss her 'coz she is coming with me!!!!!!!!!

{That's my mom, photo was taken on the christening day of Moha.I just love this photo!}

Ok..To say the truth, we are not yet decided. But there is a very good chance that she's gonna come. I really want her to come but I don't know how the visa and everything would turn out.
So that's the big news of today...
Today morning I had 'pre-departure classes' by amma(my sweet mom). Today what I learned in the class was cooking. First we had a get acquainted-with-kitchen lessons. In that amma was mostly screaming "that's not the pot for fish, u idiot or don't use that knife to cut onions, stupid"
After the acquaintence classes, I helped amma cook fish curry and chicken fry. Helped in the sense - I was standing beside her nodding to whatever foreign language she was speaking!!!...Jokes apart, She taught me how to make it and gave some tips on how I can keep it fresh for many days...etc etc. Ofcourse I am trying my best to remember everything she said but at last decided to write it down.{I don't trust my brain much for remembering except when it is for exams!}
By evening,
We planned to go out shopping for the crockery items. But didn't go, we both were tooo lazy to go and took a nap instead. The plan was made in the first place because Amma found out a shop where there is a lucky contest: You buy some crockery and u will get any of the following:
1) A studio apartment!!

{If I am gonna get it, then I would like it to be something like this!I can go to any extent in dreaming right??(even if I haven't even been to the shop to participate in the lucky contest)}

I can "adjust" if it look like this also..

2) Santro Car

{That's the car I am talking about..}
3) Microwave, cooker etc etc.

She thinks that I am having a chance because our astrologer said so!!!{My mom consults him always and she did about me going abroad. He said I am having the best time of my life ahead...Sometimes I love him for what he says even though I don't believe it}
Great! I don't believe in it, but anyways I have to buy crockery... so y not from this shop. I will let u know how far I was lucky and what all I bought as soon as I go there.

So I think that was it for the 3rd day...! Stay tuned.23 days to go!



Michelle said...

Yay, that's so exciting that you get to go to the UK! You'll have such a great time!

carma said...

This is great. I can tell your mom has lots of personality -- and how cool that she consults an astrologer :-) Hope that she'll be able to join you abroad... Hey, maybe then she'll also be able to help you out with the cooking!!

AK said...
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AK said...

Mitchelle, Thank you soo much for dropping by.

AK said...

Dear Carma, Thank you soo much for the wishes.I also hope that she can join me...Takecare.Keep reading.

DT said...

hey that's great!! mothers are best mentors, n it wud b great for u if she accompanies u there... best of luch, have a gr8 time ahead, as ur astrologer said :o)

AK said...

hmm..I agree with u completely.thanx dear DT.

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