Sunday, August 2, 2009

Terror in Mumbai...

Hey guys, This is about a video I saw.It was directed and produced by Dan Reed.
the lone surviving link!
I am not able to download and upload it, so please go to this link before it is removed...!! Just like everyone else,I also wonder why these people do this thing? Why they kill hundreds of people just like that? I don't understand why is that, along with these people who do it, the people who help them to do it are not found out and punished. The original interview with 'Kasab', the lone surviving terrorist is also there in the video. However they justify what they did, nothing is an excuse for such insane activities. Kasab says that they killed the boatman who helped them to reach the coasts of India. How can we be sure that he is telling the truth?? Why the investigation has not gone in that direction?? Kasab also says that they promised heaven for him and money for their family. I don't know how anyone can convince a human being to do such things. But I am not pretending to know everything about these people. what situation have caused them to take such a decision in their life, only they themselves know. But I definitely don't agree with the court if it gives any kind of sympathy based on his recent confession.In this video, they have also added the experience of people who escaped from it. The people who saw it, felt it and lived through it...
It is worth seeing. I am doing this also for my good muslim friends who are not all like this people but still get treated with doubt and insult because of these people. I don't understand why these terrorists are not thinking atleast once about their fellow muslim brothers who are living abroad in USA, UK etc., who suffered a lot because of their actions.
It is said in the video by a policeman that there were almost 15 to 20 police officers in the railway station when Kasab and his fellow perpetrator of the attack started shooting. We should really think about why 20:2 was not good enough to save the people there. The reason is not that they were caught in surprise or that they were not good enough. The main reason is that the 2 doesn't have any hope to live where as the 20 policemen wants to save and be safe at the same time. They have families waiting for them but the 2 on other side considers death as their ultimate aim. I think when we blame the police we should have a second thought about it. I am not forgetting certain policemen who proves to be irresponsible cowards in situations like these. But there are people who risk their lives too and we should never 4get it.
Have anyone seen the movie 'NEWYORK'?? It is also a great movie giving an insight on this whole issue of terrorism and particularly 9/11. It shows how cruelly FBI held more than 1000 innocent people as convicts and tortured them to tell truth which they didn't have a clue about. But what gave FBI authority to do so? The terrorists or the perpetrators of 9/11.Theses people say that they do it for muslims and Islam. But because of them muslims and islam suffers more than the hundreds of people they have killed.
Another movie, which touched my heart was 'IN THE NAME OF GOD'. Its the story of 2 brothers, One becoming a terrorist and because of the activities of these terrorists, the other one who's completely innocent is tortured and made insane. At the end of the movie, the terrorist one comes back to lead normal life. It shows both sides perfectly without any bias. Leaves the message of how stupid is the 'facts' terrorists give as excuse for what they do.
So what is the solution? UNITE against it. Irrespective of caste,creed,region or religion. I feel we are in dire need of someone like Mahatma Gandhi for this. If another Mahatma cannot be reborn then each one of us can try to be one. Atleast half of what he was. We consider that extreme patriotism or extreme religious beleifs lead to terrorism. But I wonder if that's the case,then why Mahatma Gandhi who was extremely patriotic was not a terrorist? why Jesus or Mohammed Nabi never showed a terrorist act? So this means that terrorists are neither religious nor patriotic. They just want to attain things like Kasab puts it 'heaven for him & money for family'.
It is a shameful fact that India boasting to be a land of unity in diversity still have religious riots and accomplices of terrorists. Being an Indian, more than that, being a human being gives us a duty to unite against this and spread the message as much as possible. Please put this video link and the link to this post or write a post in this topic your own. Spread it. Make it reach as many people as possible.
I want to thank my brother Santhosh Chettan(Santhosh.T.Varghese) who gave me the link to this video, thereby prompting me to think about it and write about it.


Anonymous said...

& I think so when you this video it is really very sad momvement for mumbai's people.......

plz. click here

AK said...

Hi analog...thanks for ur comment.did u mean to say that it is a sad moment for mumbai's ppl when they watch it? I completely agree and i would like to add that this is a sad moment for whole indians when each one watch it. But ppl who hasn't seen it before should see it and should be sad so that we can spread this,prevent this and who knows maybe one person who is in that way(terrorism) might get touched by this video and our posts!!

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