Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What is at the centre of my heart?

My ponnunni(Moha) taking her beauty bath

What is at the centre of my heart??? This post is dedicated to my one and only niece, ponnunni(Moha Manesh). I am writing this in the event of her 6th tooth coming out yesterday!! That qualifies as a reason to celebrate as far as my family is concerned. She is not only at the centre of my heart but everyone's. This is the immediate 'consequence' of being born as the first baby in a family. I thought I loved my chechi(my sister,Paurnnami Manesh) so much. But when Moha was born, I felt I don't love chechi as much as I love her(Hope chechi doesn't see this..otherwise she is gonna kill me..hi hi). I miss her a lot... Unnichetten(My brother in law, Manesh Varghese who is a brother more & in-law less),chechi and Moha are settled in Scotland. It is said that photos talk more than words. Here I am uploading some of her snaps which tells how sweet she is without actualy telling it!!

Chechi,Unnichettan & ponnunni...

ponnunni delighted in her appa's hands
Ponnunni trying to eat her hands as chechi poses for the photo
Ponnunni happily swinging..ohhhla la la
Seriously checking the plug's connections...
This time chechi had to scold her to stop playing with plug. But she doesn't seem to care much about it. Ha ha ha.Will write more about her soon. Right now I have to go... a little busy!!


shail2chouhan said...

the baby is so cute

Anonymous said...

hmmmmmmmmmmm i love kids and this two he he so cute and beautiful i love you dear :) muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh god bless you
Thanks for post.my best regards guys!
seo jaipur--seo jaipur

AK said...

Hi Rocky and Shail2chouhan , Thankyou... I am thanking in behalf of her 'coz atleast 1 more year is needed for her to start saying thankyou!! hi hi. Thanks again guys.

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