Monday, August 17, 2009

When the wish turns into reality..everything is blissful

Hey everyone, I am soooooo relieved and happyyyyyy
Now I am feeling like this:

orrr this:

I am wondering at my self on how fast my moods change!! Ofcourse it is directly linked to the happenings after my last post. The happenings include- my telephone calls to the courier people and my mom and dad who ensured that.....

I got VISA...The long waiting sessions and sleepless nights have come to an end.
This is to just let all my friends know that I have got it. I got entry clearence from 7th of sept onwards. So I will be leaving from india to UK on a day just after 7 th, which is not fixed. Moving on to next programme....which includes shopping,booking ticket, crying to friends over phone, having get togethers, missing everyone and everything out here in India. Most importantly capturing each and every moment of my last 20 something days in India before leaving to UK. My desires and my life of these days will be posted here. Ofcourse how can I leave out u guys from sharing these wonderful, emotional and lovely moments which is mixed with a lot of happiness and a little bit of sadness.

This is 'OUR' emblem{I am soo happy to say 'our' at last!!}

University of St Andrews....Can u hear me???{calling out to the university, not u ppl.} I am coming to u and ur wonderful place to study and to know life in a better way....{Don't think I am mad and stop reading..I just get hyper at some very happy or veryy sad moments}

University Main Buildings{or...rather part of it!}

I am very happy that I got this oppurtunity to study in such a nice university with a tradition of more than 600 years. Its the university from which great people have graduated. But I think Prince william will be a name that anyone would get. His name is at the end of the long list!! Can u believe it??{Actually his girl friend's name is the last,I excluded it. She was his flatmate at the University...Lucky girl!! They are said to get married in 2011 according to reports..hmmm..} enough of that.

That's the university building from..a helicopter I suppose!!

My university is in a beautiful place called St. Andrews in Scotland. It is the first university of scotland and third oldest in the whole english speaking world!! It again topped for a fourth time as the best university in UK in the National Student Survey 2009.

That's the university buildings looking from the beach of St. Andrews{It actually goes into the sea!!}

That's another picture of main university buildings.

{wow!! that looks really looks like the extreme of enjoyment..maybe a bit of humiliation too}
This is the foam fight in November.Its a tradition in the university. To know more ab't this just read the following paragraph...

The University website says:
"As befits a 600-year-old university St Andrews has many student traditions. Most famous is the red academic gown which students wear at formal occasions. St Andrews is also the home of the Academic Family, a spontaneous tradition where older students adopt first year students as 'children'. Parents can help guide the first years through life at St Andrews in a system of mentoring, which reaches its most outrageous at Raisin Weekend in November when children are dressed in embarrassing, flamboyant costumes by their mothers and are let loose in the central quadrangle of the University for an enormous shaving foam fight. Despite the silliness of Raisin Weekend academic families are often close-knit and very supportive. Children and parents become fast friends and siblings go on to become aunts and uncles to each other's children in a few years time, continuing the tradition."

Nice na?
Now I will show u my hostel: David Russell Apartments.. It looks very cozy and neat..I liked it in the photos, hope I will like it in the real life too.

Apartment Lounge...

I hate washing this would be my favourite place. Apartment Laundry..

I have to get friendly with this area as soon as possible. The kitchen!{Its self-catered!! idea, how I am gonna manage..??}

The desk area..My blogging & reading place!! My Favourite!!

I think that's enough for today..So this is DAY 1 of the last days here in India. Stay tuned...



Italo said...

CIAOOOOOOOOO! I'm HAPPY for you!!!!!! One dream become true! YES! I loved your post! I HOPE YOU WILL SO HAPPY IN THE FUTURE. Enjoy your life. PS: i will follow your blog with pleasure. Ciao. Italo.

DT said...

congrats, now u don't need our prayers... best wishes :)

AK said...

Thanx Italo..Thank you sooo much for following me.Thank you for the love and the compliments.
Keep reading.Takecare.
Thanx DT, Ya I don't need the prayers for this particular matter. But I do need ur support and prayers as always..!!takecare.

carma said...

Congratulations! Best wishes as you embark on your studies. It is a very picturesque university!

Welcome to SITS! I know that you will enjoy being a part of this vibrant community of bloggers..

AK said...

Thank you Carma. I loved the 'dare' post and hence I am following. Keep coming.

Em said...

What an exciting time!! Congratulations and enjoy every second - yes, even the laundry. Travel safe. Study hard. Have fun.

Welcome to SiTS! Em

Check this out too..

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