Sunday, November 22, 2009

Guest Post: Confession of a guy who sold his soul

{Dear lovely readers,
I got this great writer friend of mine who writes in the best way known to me, to write something for you all. He wrote this. I liked it a lot and hope you will like it too. Pls dont forget to give your valuable comments.}

Confession of a guy who sold his soul
Life was complicated unmeasured and let loose. I was lost in the nothingness inside of me. I walked through empty streets and got lost in the way. I heard a voice far away, I looked through a misty road and saw something light the horizon, I wondered what it could be.

I walked in a hurry, with a worry- was I running towards heaven or hell. There she stood with a candle in her hand asked if I was lost, She promised me to guide me to the other side. On our way i realised i was lost to be found, I had nothing in me to be filled- I was worried to be relieved. I have never been more thankful to a soul before like this. She was my friend in this journey to my destiny; in me as in any, the weeds of love grew. When i heard her story and how lost she was once and how she found her way around, I was amazed, baffled and petrified by her, lost in her eyes and taken away by her words. I followed her in this endless road with a prayer that i will never lose her. And then one night as we took rest by a tree.
I saw a dream - i woke up in daze, looked around and realized that i was guiding her to be lost and she was following me. i looked back and her road was far away.i was scared, i was sad but mostly i felt guilt beyond measure. i was desperate to get her back on her road. i looked at her with her eyes closed, lost in a beautiful dream in her sleep. I prayed for help and hoped for a miracle but instead of heaven, hell answered my call, “sell your soul an ounce per day and we will send to her road, but beside the price you have to pay us there is more a price you have to pay”

I cried and begged, i will do anything to get her back there ; “well she will know where she is and she will hate you and you will lose you, she will burn her memories and bury her thoughts and she will never know that you had sold your soul to save her”. i looked at her, curled up like a baby with a smile on her face, with her eyes closed. So pure is she, so good she is and I realised that sometimes love means sacrifice and love means to give without caring what you get and stretched my hand and shook hands with the traders of souls.

She got up with a cry, as how clouds clear to reveal the Sun, she realised where she was; got and hurried to leave . On her way to her road... she turned back, looked in my eyes. I hoped she could see me standing there without a soul but then she only smiled and told me that God has opened her eyes, and i looked up and thought why didn’t she knew that it was hell that i had to trade with; not with heaven to open her eyes....



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