Sunday, May 2, 2010

If I had a chance..

You’ll never know how sorry I am for wht I had to do

You’ll never know how much I am haunted with ur tear filled eyes

You’ll never know how I wonder how u r now

You’ll never know about all those nights I cried

To finally get the strength to do it

To hurt you now, to save ur happiness for life

You’ll never know that making u hate me

Was the only way...

That was a small price to pay for ur happiness..

The world talk about the pain of not getting love..

The day I had to leave you behind, I realised

The pain of not giving love when ur heart is filled with it.

You will never know how u r for me

I will move on, for you

Cause I know If I dont,

You will never leave me.

You will always hope for the impossible and hurt urself.

Oh...You’ll never know how much it hurt to see u hurt

And..More than anything...

You will never know how much I hope each day...

if I had a chance to be with u...forever and ever.

If I had a chance...just one...!



carma said...

Just wanted to say "hi" and hoping that everything is OK :-)

AK said...

Hello my dear carma... How r u??? I thought u would have forgot about me because I was not writing anything for so long.. :) Nothing is wrong.. Its just my imagination going wild!! Its an old poem which I wrote long back but published only now... :)

carma said...

Well, I'm super-relieved to hear that!!!

AK said...


Ajith said...

Putting yourselves in an if-else loop (I know you are a computer engineer :-)) is the worst thing you can do to your life. Happiness doesn't come to you with an 'if' condition. By doing that you will keep on searching for more 'if's.

Be happy for the way you are, what you already have, the moment you are in. And believe me, you will never have to worry.

I hope my philosophy made atleast some sense to you :-)

I read some of your blogs. I like the way it is simple n elegant. Keep writing.

- Ajith

AK said...

@ Ajith Thank you and yes it made perfect sense. ;)

Check this out too..

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