Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mom, Home is where u are!

I dedicate this post to my MOM.. I miss her so much and that made me write today..
{Pictures that Talk...Again, got this pic from a friend in email..A mom somewhere in India.}

I call her Amma..
The one who gave birth to me.
The one who loved me and gave a part of everything she has even before I was born

Its really hard to know the importance of some things in life;
Especially the things which you get 'effortlessly' like the love and care of mother.
Now She is miles and miles away...
We have the same sun above us, But we never see the sun at the same time.

When I cook after a tiring day @ office, I remember her calling me for dinner.
I never used to complain, but I dont know whether I appreciated enough.
In the few moments of truth I get in the midst of papers, reports and work,
I hope I will get to go home soon,
Cook for her and tell her, how great a mother she is...

I miss u amma.. with all my heart.. I DESIRE to be with you..
The days with you were the best in my life;
Now I know nothing compares to HOME
& HOME is where U are!



carma said...

this post is incredibly sweet. Sadly, although my mom lives close, we never a shared a bond like the one you mention...

AK said...

Really?? hmmm... I think its different from person to person. My sister have closer bond with my mom than me :P

Kerry McCullough said...

That's so nice. Sorry you can't be with your mom right now. She sounds like a very special lady.

Saying hi from 20SB. Come visit me at any time :)

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