Sunday, August 23, 2009

Drving to be a better driver..


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I love my readers and thanx to each and every one of them for helping me to have my first 10 regular readers. You people rock!!}

I totally missed writing to you all.I really got busy with shopping and moreover driving. I have license but doesn't have much practise. ' Practice makes man perfect', right? So no practice and hence not perfect, till now. I am desperately trying to be perfect now. Today I drived almost half the day, non-stop thro' high traffic areas.

{ok..this is a bit of exaggeration, but there was high traffic lesser than this but definitely qualifies as 'high'}
Another thing was shopping. I have bought a lot of things like leather coats, suitcases etc. Leather coat is looking a bit oversized to me. But my dad and the shop keeper was assuring me again and again that it is correct size.hmm.. I doubt that. 'coz, they both have their money involved in it.{ It was a stitched one. So if we don't buy that, there will be some fine for cancelling the order.}
Leave all that..
Today I will show you around my house or mostly the interior and the curios which my mother maintains. I thought, I will really miss all this and so I will write about it now. So that I can see them and read about them myself as well as share it with you.

{ This is my favourite place. It looks peaceful and gives serenity to our main room. It was a wash room for guests which is adjoint to main room. My mother totally changed it!!}

{ Doesn't it look like aladdin's lamb?? When I was a child, I used to ask mom whether it is really aladdin's lamb!! This is actually not an ancestral antique piece. This one was bought from a military officer long before I was even its older than 22 years for sure.}
{ The wooden chest in the photo is more than 100 years old! It was used by my grand father to keep most valuable gold jewellery he had{He was a whole sale gold merchant}. It is called 'Manipetti'( means 'ring chest' if u translate it just like that). It will ring a bell which can be heard within 100 metres of distance, if someone tries to open it!! Coolll na??}
My mom is too tired and she can't handle me even one more minute sitting in front of this computer. This is her room actually. Internet connection was taken in this room for convenience, she would say.{ I would say, for mother's control on net usage as well as on the sites I would visit!!hmm.. Do I miss porn sites?? NOOO. Just joking guys. I hate them. Have seen one or two out of curiosity and it was a total waste. Ok lets not go into some other topic}. That's enough for 2day.
I am trying to stop writing for atleast 10 minutes now.. ok. I am stopiing.
ohh.. before stopping, keep coming and if u like it, hit follow...!!



Italo said...

CIAO AK! So you are busyyyy! :D
Right, you have to drive to be a perfect driver :)
And to be more perfect you buy suitcases! That's my philosphy too! :D
Have a nice and sweet week.

carma said...

that does look like Aladdin's lamp. Hope you are finding the driving fun - at least a little bit - when not in traffic :D

Hmmmmm...maybe you can get your jacket tailored when you arrive in Scotland. If you don't think it fits, it probably doesn't. What do men know? ;-)

AK said...

Thanx Italo and Carma..I hope to have a nice week and I definitely agree that I will have to stitch my coat or I should grow more fat!!

Roney Joseph said...

I am roney ,,,,,i dont know whether u know me or not,,,i done my +2 in sh,,,
enda oru divasathe urakkam poyyee,,,,,,i spent my whole last night,reading u r post,,,enda paraukka ??? time poyathe nan arijilla,,,,and am very glad to know abt u r family an specially the little one moha,,,he is cuite,,,

Roney Joseph said...

pokkii paraukayanenne vicharikkanda,,,,oru kochuu puliyanalle,,,,,pinne enda blog el vannalll u wont find any thing interesting,,,,bcoz,,i am not a writer an not a reader toooo,,,.....
pinna enda paraukka,,,,,aaaa,,,, pics ellamm nannayetunde,,,
the way u presented u r blog,,,,,,athe ennik eshtapettuu,,,very interesting to read each line,,,,but yet i didnt finish reading u r desire,,,,the thing is that ,,,enik alochana(thinking) ethiri kuduthalane,,,,atha any way i will try to finish reading u r desire today,,,,
i hope u will get u r dream vampire,,,,

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