Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Journey with Moha(my niece) & my lovely sister - 2

[Dear new readers,
After seeing all these cute and great mommy blogs, I feel I have something similar, from a different point of view to tell about my one and only niece. I just wanted to share the feeling of being an aunt for the first time. Especially when u have just one sister as sibling and the child is the first one in your family, it is almost as special as being a mommy urself!! Can you believe it? U will start believing it as soon as u finish reading this series of my posts...Now read the second one in the series. To read previous posts, go to Being an Aunt and Sister Now, read on..]

After her birth, the only talked about issue seemed to be what colour her shit as well as pee is!!. Any colour changes had to be discussed with the doc as well as all the previously experienced mothers and grandmothers. Any talk seemed to revolve around her. I was her favourite shitting/peeing place I can say. As soon as I take her, she either pee or shit on me!! For the first time in my life, I felt I am enjoying someone shitting on me. I was happy as a dumb when people said that she is comfortable with me. She used to sleep on my chest so peacefully as she sleeps on a bed.

{That's moha & me jubilant, simply without any reason!!}

She was a good baby except when it comes to feeding her. She will play for hours together. Then we will feel,she might be hungry. But giving her food, even after long hours of play used to be an exhausting ordeal. It got more difficult as she grow. As long as she is healthy it is ok.... My sister used to get mad by walking behind her just to give her a single piece of baby biscuit or a small amount of home made food. We tried all sorts of things like dancing, singing etc etc to get one small piece of food/biscuit inside her cute little mouth.

Before going back to scotland we had her christening done. Unnichettan game back again from his work to take them back and for christening her.

{This photo of three of them was taken during her christening day party}

She was five months old then.After christening they went back to scotland. Leaving us here...
I loved each and every moment with her and miss her more than anything else every single day of my life.
She used to have such an attractive spirit with her...!! I don't know whether every babies have it. I just know that my moha have it and I am proud to be her aunt.
See the video.., I had to cut most parts of it{Due to censoring reasons!! We all were looking like Neanderthal Men & women with clothes!! Had to cut it}. This is the least interesting part in the whole video..., so u can imagine how much she was dancing that day...!
One{among several} of my favourite videos of my Moha aka ponnunni when she was here with us{sighh...}::::

{Watch it.... I really loooovvveee this one!}

Liked it na?? I am sure you did.



DT said...

aww so cute moha is.... babies do have some magical charm.. they are so lovely!

AK said...

That's soo true. Moha is special to me. Thank you DT.

carma said...

Moha is so precious..she looks like such a happy and contented baby - probably from being surrounded by such nice family. Your sister is beautiful! (like you)

Wishing you had posted the un-cut version of the video. I would have liked to have seen the Neatherandal part. In fact, the first squeal I heard that I thought was the baby may have been an adult squeal :D

cute video..

Martha said...

Visiting from Sits, thank you for sharing the love of your niece and beautiful family. Best Wishes in your post grad studies and Greetings from LA.

Italo said...

OHHHH SO SWEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!!!! Both of you!

Days of Whine & Noses said...

thanks for stopping by on my SITS day!

Lisa Petrarca said...

She's adorable...what a great aunt!

AK said...

Thanks Carma..for the sweet and long comment. I love long commnets..!!
Thanks Martha, for dropping by and pls keep coming keep coming.
Thanx Italo, you are sweet too and ur comments sweeter...I love 'em.
Thanx Rhonda...Thank you soo much for dropping by as well as hitting the follow button.Your blog is cool and no wonder u were chosen as FB!.Keep coming and writing.
Thanx Lisa.. I hope I will stay to be the best aunt around..{I really want to}.Thank youu soo much for following. Very nice of u.
I am back now. Was very busy due to travel shopping and stuff.

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