Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I loved each and every line of this...

{I will miss u dear friend..(My readers, pls read on to find who is this friend.)}

Don't u guys feel that campus life is exciting?? Many of us feel so. I am sorry to say but my campus life was not thaaaaaatt exciting or fun. But I wouldnot say that it was boring. It did gave me a good share of experiences,thrills and shrills which I would cherish for the rest of my life. Friends and small secrets{which when revealed would create bomblastic explosions!!} were an integral part of my college life which added flavour to my otherwise not so colourful one. I have made some great friends whom I can call to be great friends and I think I have to tell you about this one soooo badly now. The reason is that I love her and I feel love has to be expressed...hence comes the birth of this post.

When I reached my college, I found almost no one in my genre! Only few were there to be found out from my genre, but they turned out to be different 'species' in the same 'genre'!!!! To my profound relief, I found out this one: Aswathy Nair from delhi. She loved reading, sharing stories of movie she saw yesterday, loved hearing stories of movies I saw, Talked ab't everything I am interested in, Had a flair in writing, was a tom boy{didn't remain that way till end! Campus life do change u or did I say Campus love??.} and I loved the way she called 'aarooo' and came bustling into my room at odd hours to just talk. Don't think that we were as happy as this with each other always. We had highs and lows in our friendship. We fought, said sorry, cried on each others shoulder, realised we did a mistake and then..ate burger at the top of the terrace without anyone else noticing so that we don't have to share it with anyone!{How mean to others??But I loved it.}. We loved each other, mainly because, we fought but never kept it. We let it float. The result is now I have a great friend who writes wonderful poem for me!!!

{I wish she started a blog! I will be the first one to follow. I really loved each and every line of this..}

This is the poem{Copied exactly from her mail}:


For u my frnd

As I sit in my room nd watch the rain,

My heart is overwhelmd in pain.

Thinkin abt a distant friend

Who will go far away,to the other end.

My heart longs to meet her ,before she bids


To wish her good things ahead,well

And care,

A tide of memories sweep me to the past,

A journey backward in time spinnin nd fast

And I open my eyes to the scene whr we frst met

And there she was, my beautiful frnd,

Short build,long mane and shinin jewel on her nose.

The first instance we talkd,I knew

She’ll be true frnd ,of those I’ll have few

As I traversed thru my coll lyf,she was thr

Wit me throughout, showerin luv nd care.

We cud understand nd got connectd real soon,

Quite as fast as dey have monsoon!!

Talkin for hour and tellin each other stories,

Climbin forests nd laughin away to glory.

Oh! How much we enjoyed our hostel days,

Those happy,momentous ,carefree days

Gangbusterz-as we were calld,

18 of us,one better than the other

Enjoyed each nd every moment spent

Whether fun,sorrow or the chores of a student.

And soon it was time to say goodbye,

A feelin of gloom nd grief spread wide.

Itz hard to part away frm a frnd,

With whom 4 precious yrs of your life were spend.

The fact dat I’ll never get bak those times

Which I had wit u,kills my heart.

Wat is this bond that we share

I can’t explain as my eyes fills wit tears.

Aaru-one thing u shud know,

Wherever u may be,wherever u may go,

U have a place in my heart

Which will never tear us apart.

I won’t say to keep in touch,

Coz I’ll be thr for u,I luv u very much..

Lotz of luv

Achu…self composed just for u…muah!


Did u like it??I bet u did.{U might be wishing u had a friend like her..}

How much we were alike was almost amazing...I could grab some photos which reflects our alikeness!!

{That's both of us..amused}

{Thriving with happiness}

{4got to say...we both love dancing}

{always at the same timing!}

I am sure u are convinced about the level of alikness we share is high!! I just want her to know with this post that I love her and value our friendship very much. Meanwhile, all of u, keep reading and hit the follow if u like it...



DT said...

aaah... so sweet.... i m jealous

carma said...

She truly is a dear friend. Some people go a lifetime without finding a buddy they "click" with.

AK said...

Hmm.That's true.I can say that I was lucky!

Sara Garcia said...

True friends are so rare and so beautiful! Love your post. Happy Friday :-)

Nathalie said...

Hello AK! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I'm glad you liked it. Your blog is so lovely!
I'll be keeping an eye on it! Beijos

AK said...

Thanx Sara and Nathalie, For visiting my blog and the lovely comments.Keep coming.

Italo said...

You two are beautiful
the poem is really sweet.
Ciao, Italo.
PS: Just one thing....WHY TO WRITE U and FRND in a poem????????? :D

Check this out too..

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