Sunday, August 2, 2009

To be continued....

Life keeps changing and hence the title To be continued..

I will start with the name - Mom and Dad called me 'Aarathy' because it means glory and wealth. (ahheemm, aahhem.. :) ) very near ones call me Chippy(which mean shell in my language) and i have several other names which my friends call which I wont dare to list! lol. I am a computer engineer..waiting for my turn to prove of now working as control systems engineer in UK, the land where sun never sets..(actually the truth is that sun never even rises in the winter :P)

I loveee my family.
Still I quarrel with them the most.
I love them because...I don't know.
I just love them.

I have lived most of my life in southern part of India,
in a state called Kerala known as God's Own Country.
Its a beautiful place if u avoid the crowded streets of
the city and stick to the outskirts.
The best thing about the place is the climate..
Warm.. sometimes cool but never COLD!
Best of all is the RAIN.. monsoon showers..ohh.. I miss them so much.

I just cant sit without dancing or atleast tapping a foot if a rhythmic music
is in the background
I would love to sing but only to myself! why bother other people? :)
Long country side drives soothes me out. Thats one thing I love the most about being in scotland.

I am a feminist(not an extreme one).
I like men who are
intelligent and I hate the ones who show it off too much!! I think everyone does, right girls??

I like to write just about anything. Though I am not a very gud one, I try to improve
every day and I admire all great ones who write in witty, simple language with less jargon
and lots to think about.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome.I take it seriously and will reply for it also. Good/ bad, do comment.
It encourages and inspires me to write. Bad comments add zeal to my efforts to be a
better writer and good comments encourage me. So leave a comment either way.

Happy reading...Stay tuned.

P.S:- That's me on the right hand side!!



Deepesh said...

hmm..nice one...!! came to know a lot more as you are cutiee..!! originality is the real beauty..!! go on..u rock..!


wow, read ur "about us"................. you hav described yourself in true way, not everyone has this quality, I know i dont have ..... it seems you keep urself busy in blogging too besides college.... so keep enjoying, atleast it will make those happy who like reading...

AK said...

@Deepesh and Agni, Thank you :)

sssdawna said...

it's nice to meet you! i think it's comforting to know that women around the world like myself are still trying to find their way and just enjoy life : )

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