Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Love - the most powerful of all powers...

I taught my eyes not to dream

I taught my heart not to fall in love

I taught my mind not to dream

Hard was the facts of life for me till now

Why is it not so hard now?

What has changed the me I became?

What has changed the me I taught myself to be?

Is it you or your love?

Or is it your confidence in our love?

I don’t know what it is..

I just know that I found myself again in u

I lost myself somewhere in the past

U found me and showed me that I am still alive...

Its amazing what u have done

what your love has done

Is this the power of love?

If it is, it is so strong.

I cant believe the change in me...

I forgot to believe in me,

U reminded me that I am strong.

The last time I wrote,

I wrote of pain and now

you are making me write of love..

I have never dreamt of me as a bride,

Now I see you thru' my veil as I walk down the aisle,

Standing at the altar, smiling at me..

I don’t dread the future anymore

If I dread something, it is a moment without u

Inshah allah, let that never be there..

love.jpg love image by Dancequeen96

I love you and my love will never leave u

For my love for u is unconditionally true!


P.S:-Really felt like writing about love and here is the outcome..Pls comment my dear friends..I do want to know how I am as a poet!! which is not a new face of me but an old face of me, revived again. Inspired by the beauty of St. Andrews.

For my friends who do not know the meaning of "Inshah allah" -it means 'if god permits'


roney said...

I taught my eyes not to dream ????

hay what is this ,,,,did any one use eyes to c the dream,,,,,,,,????

but i thing as a poet u can say, that 2,,....u r right //with out eyes no one can ccc...in the dream also,,,

now i know,,,u r thoughts have no limit,,,,,,...like this poem a loot

AK said...

Thank you so much. I am happy that u liked it. Poetically, I also thought that to c the dream with eyes is alright...!

Lisa Petrarca said...

Beautiful poem...keep it up!

AK said...

Thank u Lisa..Thank you so much.

Andee Layne said...

what beautiful pictures and sayings! The one of the baby is breathtaking! I love your blog! please check out my fashion and lifestyle blog www.andeelayne.blogspot.com . Please follow mine as I will yours! xoox

AK said...

Hey..Thanx Andee..Thank you so much.Ur blog is also very gud, anyone who is interested in fashion would follow ur's and I am following!!
Takecare and keep reading.

carma said...

Why, you ARE a poet!!! Sounds like you are surrounded by lots of beauty and inspiration. Glad you have been finding some time to work in the blog with all that you have going on :-)

AK said...

Thank you carma. Thank you so much for coming by.

Check this out too..

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